"Sugar Coated" by Melissa Wagner-Lawler

Currently, I am one of the few lucky Americans to have health insurance.  I use the term ‘lucky’ very loosely.  It was only a few months ago that my husband’s job cut our health care benefits.  This puts quite a strain and stress on me, especially because I am a diabetic.  Before the benefits were cut, we weren’t so lucky either.  The month before we found out that our insurance plan would be changing, I started to receive harassing letters and phone calls from various doctor’s office.  It turned out that although we had been paying for health care benefits out of our paychecks, the employer had ‘neglected’ to actually pay the insurance company.

Nothing was covered. We are currently involved in a class-action lawsuit in order to get our medical bills paid.

This piece serves two purposes - first, I wanted to figure out exactly what my current insurance plan would cover if I were to experience a diabetes-related complication.  Second, to serve as a reminder to continue to live a healthy life to protect not only myself, but also my wallet.

(Since this show started last year, I have since lost my health insurance.)

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