The Healthcare Show - Mission Statement / Call To Artists

For years it’s been apparent that healthcare is an expensive benefit, available to those blessed with employment. If you’re living in poverty, you can qualify for government assistance. If you’re well off, you can afford to pay the high insurance premiums dictated by insurance companies – either subsidized by your employer or as an individual. But if you’re what this country calls middle class – you fall through the cracks – and are told you make too much to qualify for government assistance, yet you simply can’t afford to pay for the benefits that your well-intentioned employer offers you, as an eligible employee.

If you have a serious health issue, but have put off making an appointment with a doctor – because you don’t have insurance or can’t afford to pay for this service out of pocket – and ultimately land in the emergency room – you are faced with outlandish medical bills that in the end cost you your home, and leave you anxiety-ridden with debt, asking yourself, “how are we going to survive this?” “How am I going to support my family?”

At the end of the day, the vast majority of Americans are no longer members of the middle class, but an ever-increasing segment of society, the working poor.

The Healthcare Show aims to call attention to the vast discrepancy between the daily up-keep of the human body, and the financially unreal state of the American healthcare system.

The participating artists and writers will highlight the many health issues facing Americans today, including, but not limited to: lack of affordable healthcare for seniors, children, terminally ill individuals, individuals with “pre-existing conditions,” the growing number of families dealing with mental illness, drug addiction, homelessness, starvation – all in America – the leader of the free world.

On the eve of one of the most important Presidential Elections in years, the artists and writers of The Healthcare Show ask you to carefully consider each candidate’s healthcare plan, prior to going to the polls on November 4th, 2008.

This decision will have far reaching effects on many generations to come, long after our new President is elected. Healthcare is an Economic Issue that has been and will continue to weaken the fibers of America, if a plan is not put into motion, and soon. No matter who wins this year’s election, they cannot be expected to snap their fingers and instantly fix the mess Healthcare has become. However, we the people - the voters - need to choose the candidate who has the vision to move this nation in the right direction. It will take many years of hard work. Many more years than four.

The Healthcare Show will be an on-going project, born on Milwaukee’s Fall Gallery Night, Friday, October 17th, but will not stop there. Along with the initial physical exhibitions, The Healthcare Show Zine will be available (pay as you wish) and will include written contributions, a comparison of the McCain and Obama Healthcare Plan Proposals, and additional original works of art. All contributions will be posted on that will evolve as a forum, connecting folks around the nation who choose to compose their own Healthcare Shows, wherever home is.

If you are interested in participating in The Healthcare Show, e-mail the following submission materials to

1. Your Name, 2. E-mail, 3. Titles of Submitted Works, 4. Attachments of Images / Written Works

Because The Healthcare Show is aiming to have as much work up for Fall Gallery Night, the organizing artists and writers are attempting to secure as many venues as possible, in as many Milwaukee neighborhoods as possible, so all venues have not been confirmed as of yet. All participating artists and writers will be up-dated as these important details become available.